State emissions repair Used vehicle inspection

Car Repair Services

Colonial Auto Service provides the following car repair services as well as truck repair services needs.

  • Oil & Oil Filter Change
  • Mileage maintenance
  • Diagnostics & repair:

    • ABS
    • AC and heater systems
    • Air bag
    • Brakes
    • Check engine light
    • Coolant system
    • Electrical
    • Engine (major & minor)
    • Suspension
    • Transmission and drive train
    • Alignments
    • Tires
  • State emissions repair
  • Used vehicle inspection

Car Maintenance & Repair Services

AC Auto Repair

When the weather heats up and turns humid, you could need to answer the question, “where to find AC car repair near me?”  If you live in East Longmeadow or the Greater Springfield, MA area, contact the trusted technicians at Colonial Auto Service for all your auto air conditioning service and repair needs.  With decades of experience and complete auto repair services available, we help to ensure that your vehicle is comfortable and performs at the best level possible all seasons of the year.  Rely on our car air conditioning service for all makes and models to feel cool and refreshed when the heat turns up.

During the colder months, if you’ve noticed your car heater blowing cold air, this could be a sign that the thermometer is stuck, there is a plugged heater core or air is in the cooling system.  To get your car heating and cooling system working optimally, our car care technicians will diagnose the issue and take corrective action to repair your car heater or perform car air conditioning repair as needed.

Brake Service

Keeping your brakes in safe working order requires that your brakes work effectively in all weather conditions.  If you need brake repair in East Longmeadow or the Greater Springfield, MA area, rely on Colonial Auto Services for all your foreign and domestic brake repair needs.  We strive to provide dependable and affordable brake line repair.  As a certified auto repair shop, our technicians work meticulously to be the preferred auto service center for ASE certified repairs for all makes and models of vehicles including:

  • European car repair
  • German auto repair
  • BMW auto repair
  • Japanese auto repair
  • Import auto repair

To provide the highest level of services possible, we always offer a no-obligation car repair estimate.  By doing so, customers get a better understanding of the scope of the car repair, as well as the amount of time it will take to complete all necessary repairs.

If you’re experiencing issues with the brakes on your car, this isn’t a problem to overlook.  Faulty brake systems can contribute to an increased likelihood of accidents, which puts you, your passengers and other motorists at risk.  At Colonial Auto Service, we treat our customers like family and make every repair with your safety in mind.

A brake system installed by our experienced technicians will help to ensure that you and your passengers travel in comfort during all seasons of the year.

Car Oil Change

If you’re unhappy with Walmart car service for your car oil changes, you don’t have to settle for sub-par or overpriced car repair and maintenance.  Many large scale auto service centers focus solely on performing as many car repairs as possible during shop hours, which can lead to rushed or careless work.  There’s no reason to wonder, “Where can I get a car oil change near me?” when Colonial Auto Service is available to complete oil changes on trucks, cars, SUVs, vans and hybrids of all makes and models.

Keeping all of your automotive fluids, including your motor oil,  at optimal levels helps to extend the lifespan of your vehicle.  Regardless of whether you’re driving a brand new car, or you’re driving an older car, Colonial Auto Service provides quality auto repair that keeps your motors running.

When you work with us for your auto repair needs, you never have to worry about how to change oil in car.  We take care of all the details to ensure your engine has adequate fluid levels to keep your motor running through all weather conditions.

Engine Check Light Service

Have you recently noticed your check engine light blinking?  If so, the sooner that you address the car electrical repair, the better.  There are multiple possible reasons for a check engine light to turn on or start blinking.  Some reasons could include:

  • Loose or missing gas cap
  • The Oxygen (O2) sensor needs to get replaced
  • A faulty catalytic converter
  • Your car could need new spark plugs or replacement wires.
  • Your mass airflow sensor needs to get replaced.

 At Colonial Auto Service, you can rely on the technicians at our auto repair shop to run a comprehensive battery of diagnostic tests to help pinpoint the problem and provide a straightforward car repair, so you can drive with confidence with a reset check engine light.

Dependable Auto Electrical Services

The electrical system in your vehicle plays a critical role in keeping your car running optimally.  If you have noticed performance issues, getting the electrical system in your car checked out is worth doing.  Types of electrical repair for cars we offer include:

  • Dead or drained battery
  • Blown fuses
  • Faulty spark plugs or wiring
  • Bad alternator

At Colonial Auto Service, we understand that being without your car is inconvenient.  For that reason, we offer all valued customers the option to wait for their car or use our convenient drop off services, so you don’t have to miss a beat.  Contact or visit our shop for your next car repair in the East Longmeadow or the Greater Springfield, MA area.

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Colonial Auto Service is fully equipped to repair and maintain new and old, foreign and domestic vehicles without voiding manufacturer warranties. All work is performed by ASE Level 1 technicians.

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